Annual Contributions

Generally in the Spring each year team members will receive a letter requesting an annual contribution. Included with the letter is a return envelope addressed to the Teams office in which to mail the contribution. 
How:   Most couples send their contributions directly to the Teams of Our Lady Office in the self-addressed envelope enclosed with the contribution letter.  Couples can use their own envelope to mail to: Teams of Our Lady, P.O. Box 1485, Turlock, CA 95381-1485.

Some teams have their responsible couple collect the envelopes and mail them to the Teams of Our Lady office. If you chose this method please mail them as soon as you receive them as a courtesy to your teammates so that the checks can clear promptly. 

Couples have been very creative in using their electronic banking for automatic monthly withdrawals to enable them to be generous and yet maintain their personal budget. This manner does not cost a couple any postage nor an envelope for mailing.  

Either way, a couple with financial hardship may include a note saying that they are praying for the movement and it will be credited as a contribution.  

Your contribution is tax deductible because Teams of Our Lady is a 501(c)(3) organization so donations are recorded in the name of the couple making the donation. Please do not mail a contribution from your entire Team as one check as the entire contribution will be credited to the name printed on the check. Also, please indicate the name of your team, sector and region on your check.
Why:   Because we live a life of mutual help we assist in spreading of the movement. Some couples do this by traveling to pilot teams in remote areas. The funds collected are used at all levels in the movement. Each region is allocated a small budget to pay for expenses including mileage expenses (incurred while giving information meetings and piloting new teams).
Also included in the regional budget is the cost to print and mail the regional newsletter; expenses for the sector couples to meet annually with the regional service team & mileage funds for the Regional Couple to visit local sector events.
The US Super Region uses the funds to:
-   Print and mail piloting material and other literature
-   Print and mail the Magnificat
-   Purchase videos to use for 
-   Travel for the super regional couple to visit other regions for training and 
The US Super Region also meets with the regional rouples twice a year in a central location to discuss policy and team formation.  Once a year the Super 
Regional Couple attends a meeting with other worldwide leadership.
Funds are set aside to pay known future expenses, including national 
meetings, training sessions and a "rainy day" fund.
On an international level we tithe to the international movement so that teams can be started in countries without financial resources. Currently the ERI is 
supporting team formation in the former Eastern block nations, Africa, Oceana 
and South America.  The funds are used to print materials in the local language and pay expenses of piloting couples. When are assessed the tithe, ERI determines the amount by the use of a formula involving the GNP of each 
No salaries are paid. 
Leadership couples at all levels use their own computers and telephones for the m
ovement. We are very frugal with your donations!

Thank you for your prayerful contribution !
Letter from the Super Regional Couple: