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Dear Teams of Our Lady Family:

As we reflect on the blessings presented to us through the sacrament of marriage and prepare for our annual recommitment to Teams, we would like to take a moment to share information regarding the 2017 annual Contribution reminder and sincerely thank you in advance for your generous support of the movement through prayer, volunteer efforts, and monetary contributions.

As you know, the Teams of Our Lady Charter sets out the responsibilities for each couple and specifically identifies the need "to give annually, by way of subscription the equivalent of one day’s pay.”  Our annual expenses typically include printing materials, postage, transportation, and leadership training as well as a tithe assessed by the international body (ERI).  We recently learned, to our chagrin, that the annual member contributions made to the USA Super Region is at 17 percent -- the lowest participation rates in the entire movement (that means that 83% of US Team members do not contribute).

This year, to propel our participation closer to 100 percent, Sector Couples will manage the annual contribution process.  As part of these efforts, during a fall meeting your Responsible Couple will provide you with an envelope for your contribution.  The sealed contributions will then be sent to the Sector Couple who will track, not the amount contributed, but rather the name of the couple participating (only the SR Responsible Couple and Secretariat will see your donation).  We emphasize here the importance of submitting an envelope even if your contribution is less than the recommended amount or if you give by bill pay.  Note that cash contributions are not recommended or paying by one team check.  You may find it useful to know that a day's wage for salaries from $50,000 to $100,000 would be $192 to $384, respectively.  You may adjust up or down as needed.  Remember to note on your check or bill pay your Region, Sector, and Team number.  The bill pay mailing address is:  Teams of Our Lady, P.O. Box 1485, Turlock, CA 95381-1485.

Teams of Our Lady now accepts contributions via credit card online.  Click the link below to go to the online contributions page.
Online Contributions

Father Caffarel shared with us that “everything withers when prayer is missing.”  Please remember that you and your teams are always in our prayers and that your continued support will help the USA Super Region grow and continue the mission of Teams.

We remain in service to Christ,

Jorge & Noélia Sousa                                    Steve & Glynis Sturm
US Super Region Responsible Couple          Finance Couple

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