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Teams of Our Lady is an international lay movement in the Catholic Church, designed to enrich marriage spirituality and ....

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Teams of Our Lady is a world wide organizations with over 12,900 Teams in 90 countries. Here in the US we have 838 Teams.

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You may join a new or existing team. Either way, the movement fosters an attitude of mutual respect and openness. 

2023-2024 Study Topic

The ERI recommended Study Topic is called "The Euchrist source of Mission".  It is available in English,  Spanish and Portuguese

2022 Contributions

As we reflect on the blessings presented to us through the sacrament of marriage, we would like to take a moment to share information regarding the 2022 annual Contribution.....

Team Member Testimonials

Read about what couples are saying about how Teams of Our Lady has positively impacted their marriages.

Latest testimony by Brad & Michelle Snyder

Spiritual Counselor

Learn more about the role of a Spiritual Counselor on a Team

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Teams of Our Lady Endeavors

  • Regular Reading of Scripture
  • Daily Period of Meditation (Individual Prayer)
  • Daily Conjugal (Couple) & Family Prayer
  • Monthly Sit Down With Your Spouse & Christ
  • Rule of Life: A Private Individual Endeavor for Improvement
  • An Annual Retreat

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