How to Contact Us

For questions regarding new and current Teams in your area, please contact the Regional Couple responsible for the State in which you reside.

To order Piloting books, please contact the Regional Couple responsible for the State in which you reside.

For other inquires please email:

Teams of Our Lady
4582 Kingwood Drive
Ste. E-276
Kingwood TX 77345


Super Regional Team

Ellen & TJ Holt

Super Regional Couple

Fr. Elias Lopez

Spiritual Counselor

Denise & Jeff Standley


Glynis & Steve Sturm

Finance Couple

Jim & Deb St. Louis

North Provincial Couple

Mike & Trice Towns

South Provincial Couple

Carol & Dcn. Dave McCaffrey

East Provincial Couple

Robin & Colette Quinn

West Provincial Couple

Rachel & Jeff Marek

Magnificat Newsletter Editors

Greg & Melanie Gehrt

New Team Welcome Coordinators

Monique & Paul Harris

Friends of Fr. Caffarel Liaison Couple

Larry & Judy Wagner

Prayer Couple

Mary & Jack Pulick

Intercessor Liaison Couple

Jamie & John Hay

Social Media Couple

Roger & Lynn Porzig


Kevin & Michelle Campisi

Materials Couple

Alexandre and Erica Gruer

Translations Couple

Bob & Janie Mericsko

Historian Couple

North Province Regional Couples

Andy & Rick Rader

Lake Michigan Regional Couple
Illinois, Indiana & Michigan

Linda & Gerard Michael

Midwest Regional Couple
Kentucky, Ohio & Tennessee

John & Jan Klocke

North Central Regional Couple
Minnesota, N Dakota, S Dakota & Wisconsin

Mark & Patty Conway

Central Regional Couple
Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri & Nebraska

Rick & Carol Fishbune

North NTWC Coordinators

South Province Regional Couples

Dan & Natalie Calvet

West TX / New Mexico Regional Couple
West Texas & New Mexico

Lori & Steve Hesse

East Texas Regional Couple
East Texas

Fabio & Camila Cristino

Southeast Regional Couple
Alabama, Florida, Georgia & Mississippi

Gaby & Carlos Contreras

North TX / Oklahoma Regional Couple
North Texas & Oklahoma

Larry & Charla Macicek

Louisiana & Arkansas Regional Couple
Louisiana & Arkansas

Christina & Josh Loeffler

NTWC South Coordinators

East Province Regional Couples

Michelle & Joe Lawler

New England Regional Couple
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont

Jennifer & Dcn. Andrew Mical

Lake Erie Regional Couple
New York & Pennsylvania

Dario and Carmen Canal with son Matthew

Mid-Atlantic Region
Delaware, District of Columbia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, South New Jersey & West Virginia

Alicia & Oscar Cruz

Coastal Regional Couple
North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

Ernie & Eva Tedeschi

East NTWC Coordinators

West Province Regional Couples

Rich & Karen Hanson

Northwest Regional Couple
Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington & Wyoming

Camille & Mike Popp

Western Regional Couple
Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada & Utah

Deidre & Dave Wilson

NTWC West Coordinators

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests