Contributions Letter


August 15, 2020 Dear Friends:

THANK YOU for the outpouring of love and support as we all endure this pandemic. Although our gatherings have become different with social distancing and Zoom, Teams beautiful mission statement is more timely then ever!


" Teams of Our Lady is a movement of Christian Marriage Spirituality, which brings together couples united by the Sacrament of Matrimony, and who wish, together, to deepen the graces of their Sacrament. It offers married couples a pathway toward love, happiness and holiness. This movement's aim is to help couples live fully their Sacrament of Marriage. Teams of Our Lady have as their essential aim, to help couples strive after holiness- no more, no less." -Fr. Henri  Caffarel

One responsibility of being a Teams member is the annual contribution. The Teams Charter states members are "to give annually, by way of subscription the equivalent of one day's pay." Contributions cover annual expenses such as website, printing materials, postage, translations, leadership training and travel, as well as the tithe assessed by the international body (ERi) based on GNP and membership, to support the International movement.

During these unusual times we realize many Teams are not meeting face-to-face which makes it challenging to hand in an envelope with your contribution. So along with the options of giving online or through bill pay, we recently mailed out the contribution letter with an attached response card. You can also donate online by logging in first to the Teams' website at Logging in ensures all  donations are recorded properly in your name. Or you can also contribute through Bill Pay for annual, quarterly or monthly payments.

Teams is a self support ing 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible. Without your generous support our movement could not exist to continue our mission to support Christian marriage in the US Super Region.

If you do use the attached response card, please DO NOT SEND CASH. Please note your Team name and number, Sector and Region in the memo section of your check or bill pay. Please note the new Teams postal mailing address: Teams of Our Lady, 4582 Kingwood Dr., Ste. E-276, Kingwood TX 77345.

T.J. and I, along with Steve and Glynis, cannot thank you enough for your service, love and devotion to our movement! We hold each member and Team in the United States deep in our heart through prayer. As Father Caffarel shared,

"Wherever persecution is rife the mission of Christian couples is even more important. They are, as it were, the final fortress where the church takes  refuge. In these families, tested but faithful, Christ works at a new springtime for his Church. Again it is necessary that these couples, whenever it is possible, should have been prepared fotheir heroic mission."

We remain in service to Christ through Mary,

Ellen and T.J. Holt

US Super Region Responsible Couple

Steve & Glynis Sturm Finance Couple 

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